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Pippu Kits
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Pippu by Ambah O'Brien 





 This beautiful pattern from Ambah is available on Ravelry.

More Nurturing Fibres kid silk arriving soon.

Drape your shoulders with gentle ripples and lace reminiscent of a Zen garden, its walkways trimmed with mosses. Inspired by a recent trip to Japan, this bias-knit shawl is perfect for the softest yarns in your favorite soothing colors. The gorgeous yarn used in the sample was naturally dyed using avocado pips, so I named it Pippu, the Japanese word for pip. Start with easy stripes, alternating a fingering weight with a single strand of lace weight yarn. A simple, straight-forward lace section is then worked with the lace weight doubled, giving the asymmetrical triangle a floaty finish.


Each of the following kits is available for a limited time only ending Monday January 15 9:00am AESDT. Each kit is unique. no two kits are alike.

Each kit includes a Pippu pattern Pdf from Ambah O'Brien with a code that will be sent at the time of your purchase, all secret squirrel like.

Each kit contains a sweet Ambah O'brien button pin.

Each kit has a Japanese girl's name,( English translation in brackets) inspired by Ambah's travels in Japan where Pippu's inspiration began and also inspired by a deliriously hot day in the Summer holidays, a teenage daughter named MoMo and the revelation that there are far better Japanese girls names to which you would like your teenage daughter to aspire to ranging from kind, and lovely to, my personal favourite, obedient!!!! 







Please Note:

All Primrose Yarn Co. yarns are Adelaide base.

All Madeline Tosh Yarns are Merino light base.

All Nurturing Fibres Yarns are kidsilk.

The following kits contain Nurturing Fibres kidsilk in differing dye lots:




For the purposes of Pippu, this should not be an issue and each of the three kits mentioned include very close colour matches that are difficult to detect. 

All other kits contain 4 skeins of Nurturing Fibres Kidsilk in matching dye lots and one skein of fingering weight yarn.


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