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by Ambah O'brien

Immerse yourself in this delicate confection, as sweet and
light as fairy floss. Audra is a large bias wrap with simple
 shaping that begins with an eyelet border then alternates airy
garter stripes with exquisite lace, like layers of sorbet and cake. Choose three colours in frosty neutrals or candy-coloured brights, work the layers as long as you like, and make it a luscious, one-of-a-kind piece. Designed to take you from early morning to cool, shimmery evenings, Audra is such an indulgent and satisfying knit, you’ll never take it off.



Ok so we had a little day off and Miss Rocket and I set about the task of organising some lovely Audra kits, a gorgeous new wrap by our diamond Ambah. The thing is, we were a bit hungry and Miss Rocket IS the only surviving fan of a little known television series called Zumbo's Just Desserts and when we read Ambah's blurb for her new pattern, the words that jumped out were words like airy, sorbet, CAKE, luscious, fairy floss, indulgent, satisfying and exquisite.... and so each kit is named after a dessert that sweet Miss Rocket and I were lusting over. Please enjoy these lovely treats.

Each kit is unique and includes two skeins of Nurturing Fibres Kid Silk Lace (NF KS) and two skeins of fingering weight yarn featuring yarns such as Primrose Yarn Co. (Primrose) Adelaide, Madeline Tosh Merino Light (MT ML),  Woolen Boon (WB) skinny, and Qing Fibres Singles (QF). 


Each of the following kits is available for a limited time only. Each kit is unique. No two kits are alike.

Each kit includes an Audra pattern Pdf from Ambah O'Brien with a code that will be emailed soon after your purchase, all secret squirrel like.


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