Louet EUROFLAX 100% Linen Sport

Louet EUROFLAX 100% Linen Sport
  • Louet EUROFLAX 100% Linen Sport
  • Louet EUROFLAX 100% Linen Sport
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Louet Euroflax 100% Linen Sport

Euroflax Linen Yarn

Our long line linen yarn is made out of flax-fiber, which is wet spun. Flax is a vegetable product. It is called “long line” because it grows more than a yard tall. When it is standing in the field, it is a beautiful sight – a field full of bright blue flowers, waving in the wind. At harvest time the flax is cut and laid to dry. The linen fiber is in the long stems.

Since crops vary from year to year, so does the quality of flax vary, even the wet-spun. To get a consistent quality, the factory will blend several years of crops together. The factory where our yarn is spun has been in operation for several generations. They have developed a way of splitting the fibers very fine, and double-boiling the yarn to be able to give us a really soft and exceptional quality. Within the last year they have also started adding a softening agent to the process, giving us softer yarn in the skein.

Due to the yarns’ breathing capabilities, linen sweaters feel cool in the summer. They are wonderful to wear and are machine washable using a non-bleach mild soap. We recommend ‘SOAK’ so that deep colors are not damaged by detergents. For best results, dry the garment in the dryer for 15 minutes, then lay flat to finish drying. With wearing it will become very soft with a beautiful lustrous silky effect.  

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